Project Coordinator

Sea Development is a limited liability company formed in 2008. Sea Development’s mission is to promote sustainable socio-economic development, preservation of natural resources, equal opportunities for all and to improve the quality of life.The Company aims at:

  • Scientific and technological development in economic and social fields
  • Driving innovational activities, particularly in the areas of health, tourism and ecology
  • Supporting actions of social and economic development taking into account the aging of the population, increasing activity of people with disabilities
  • Promoting healthy lifestyles, preventative care and development of sport
  • Promoting social inclusion and combating social exclusion
  • Supporting education, especially continuing education
  • Building a knowledge-based society, promoting development of information technology
  • Supporting the development of enterprises, in particular SMEs
  • Supporting labor market activation
  • Supporting regional development, preservation of culture and art.

According to the Articles of Association, total profit is spent on implementation of the above objectives. We are aware of the responsibility for the simultaneous combination of the effectiveness of today’s action with creating opportunities and possibilities for future generations.

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